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Largest places in Tunisia

The largest cities and places in Tunisia at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Tunisia.

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Largest places in Tunisia
El Maamoura El Maamoura101.Nabul Nābul6,969
Harqalah Harqalah102.Susah Sūsah6,942
Er Regueb Er Regueb103.Sidi Bu Zayd Sīdī Bū Zayd6,702
Zaouiat Djedidi Zaouiat Djedidi104.Nabul Nābul6,583
Sakiet Sidi Youssef Sakiet Sidi Youssef105.Kef Kef6,442
Mellouleche Melloulèche106.Al Mahdiyah Al Mahdīyah6,441
Chorbane Chorbane107.Al Mahdiyah Al Mahdīyah6,430
Sbiba Sbiba108.Al Qasrayn Al Qaşrayn6,291
Jemna Jemna109.Qibili Qibilī6,254
Touza Touza110.Al Munastir Al Munastīr6,085
El Battan El Battan111.Manouba Manouba6,047
Port el Kantaoui Port el Kantaoui112.Susah Sūsah6,000
Jilma Jilma113.Sidi Bu Zayd Sīdī Bū Zayd5,647
Mezzouna Mezzouna114.Sidi Bu Zayd Sīdī Bū Zayd5,564
Lemta Lemta115.Al Munastir Al Munastīr5,382
El Ksour El Ksour116.Kef Kef5,034
Rhar el Melah Rhar el Melah117.Banzart Banzart5,018
Bir el Hafey Bir el Hafey118.Sidi Bu Zayd Sīdī Bū Zayd5,016
Sejenane Sejenane119.Banzart Banzart5,009
Sidi Bou Said Sidi Bou Saïd120.Tunis Tūnis5,000
Bir Ali Ben Khalifa Bir Ali Ben Khalifa121.Safaqis Şafāqis4,864
Menzel Heurr Menzel Heurr122.Nabul Nābul4,717
Remada Remada123.Tataouine Tataouine4,322
Rohia Rohia124.Al Qasrayn Al Qaşrayn4,231
Sidi Ben Nour Sidi Ben Nour125.Al Munastir Al Munastīr4,042
Zahanah Zahānah126.Banzart Banzart3,765
El Mida El Mida127.Nabul Nābul3,602
Beni Kheddache Beni Kheddache128.Madanin Madanīn3,588
Korbous Korbous129.Nabul Nābul3,581
Salakta Salakta130.Al Mahdiyah Al Mahdīyah3,477
Nibbar Nibbar131.Kef Kef3,393
Mesdour Mesdour132.Al Munastir Al Munastīr3,372
Goubellat Goubellat133.Bajah Bājah3,353
Menzel Salem Menzel Salem134.Kef Kef2,856
Sidi el Hani Sidi el Hani135.Susah Sūsah2,820
Tamaghzah Tamaghzah136.Tawzar Tawzar2,750
Bou Attouche Bou Attouche137.Qabis Qābis2,700
Kesra Kesra138.Silyanah Silyānah2,598
Matmata Matmata139.Qabis Qābis2,406
Oued Meliz Oued Meliz140.Jundubah Jundūbah2,148
Fernana Fernana141.Jundubah Jundūbah1,962
Chebika Chebika142.Tawzar Tawzar1,820

101 - 142 of 142 places
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