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Largest places in Tunisia

The largest cities and places in Tunisia at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Tunisia.

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Largest places in Tunisia
Nefta Nefta51.Tawzar Tawzar21,720
Chebba Chebba52.Al Mahdiyah Al Mahdīyah21,559
Menzel Jemil Menzel Jemil53.Banzart Banzart21,542
Takelsa Takelsa54.Nabul Nābul20,659
Medjez el Bab Medjez el Bab55.Bajah Bājah20,118
El Jem El Jem56.Al Mahdiyah Al Mahdīyah20,029
Akouda Akouda57.Susah Sūsah20,027
Kebili Kebili58.Qibili Qibilī19,875
Tajerouine Tajerouine59.Kef Kef18,909
Douar Tindja Douar Tindja60.Banzart Banzart18,551
Ouardenine Ouardenine61.Al Munastir Al Munastīr18,287
El Fahs El Fahs62.Zaghwan Zaghwān18,083
Beni Khiar Beni Khiar63.Nabul Nābul18,011
Zaghouan Zaghouan64.Zaghwan Zaghwān16,911
Mennzel Bou Zelfa Mennzel Bou Zelfa65.Nabul Nābul16,231
El Alia El Alia66.Banzart Banzart16,083
Thala Thala67.Al Qasrayn Al Qaşrayn16,068
Bekalta Bekalta68.Al Munastir Al Munastīr15,937
Carthage Carthage69.Tunis Tūnis15,922
Menzel Abderhaman Menzel Abderhaman70.Banzart Banzart15,769
Galaat el Andeless Galaat el Andeless71.Ariana Ariana15,313
Maktar Maktar72.Silyanah Silyānah14,500
Sahline Sahline73.Al Munastir Al Munastīr13,806
Seiada Seïada74.Al Munastir Al Munastīr13,718
Tabarka Tabarka75.Jundubah Jundūbah13,712
Testour Testour76.Bajah Bājah13,708
Ben Gardane Ben Gardane77.Madanin Madanīn13,364
Tabursuq Tabursuq78.Bajah Bājah12,727
Banbalah Banbalah79.Al Munastir Al Munastīr12,367
Bou Arada Bou Arada80.Silyanah Silyānah12,158
Ksibet el Mediouni Ksibet el Mediouni81.Al Munastir Al Munastīr11,313
Beni Khalled Beni Khalled82.Nabul Nābul11,300
As Sars As Sars83.Kef Kef10,979
Gafour Gafour84.Silyanah Silyānah10,556
Bou Arkoub Bou Arkoub85.Nabul Nābul10,024
El Haouaria El Haouaria86.Nabul Nābul9,273
Rafraf Rafrāf87.Banzart Banzart9,255
Skhira Skhira88.Safaqis Şafāqis9,211
Sidi Bou Ali Sidi Bou Ali89.Susah Sūsah8,855
Menzel Kamel Menzel Kamel90.Al Munastir Al Munastīr8,314
Beni Hassane Beni Hassane91.Al Munastir Al Munastīr8,139
Degache Degache92.Tawzar Tawzar8,134
As Sanad As Sanad93.Gafsa Gafsa7,859
Haffouz Haffouz94.Al Qayrawan Al Qayrawān7,765
Le Krib Le Krib95.Silyanah Silyānah7,691
Al Matlin Al Matlīn96.Banzart Banzart7,370
Djebeniana Djebeniana97.Safaqis Şafāqis7,349
El Golaa El Golaa98.Qibili Qibilī7,189
Sbikha Sbikha99.Al Qayrawan Al Qayrawān7,062
Sidi Alouane Sidi Alouane100.Al Mahdiyah Al Mahdīyah7,051

51 - 100 of 142 places
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