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Regions in Tunisia

Tunisia is made up of 24 primary administrative regions. Have a closer look at the regions in Tunisia. Information on all primary administrative regions in Tunisia.

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Primary administrative regions in Tunisia

There are 24 regions in Tunisia in the primary administrative level.
Primary administrative regions in Tunisia
RegionNoPopulationCapitalCapital population
Al Mahdiyah Gouvernorat de Mahdia1.410,812Mahdia Mahdia45,977
Al Munastir Gouvernorat de Monastir2.548,828Monastir Monastir71,546
Al Qasrayn Gouvernorat de Kasserine3.439,243Kasserine Kasserine81,987
Al Qayrawan Gouvernorat de Kairouan4.570,559Kairouan Kairouan119,794
Ariana Gouvernorat de l’Ariana5.412,360Ariana Ariana97,687
Bajah Gouvernorat de Béja6.303,032Beja Béja57,233
Banzart Gouvernorat de Bizerte7.568,219Bizerte Bizerte115,268
Bin 'Arus Gouvernorat de Ben Arous8.501,924Ben Arous Ben Arous74,932
Gafsa Gafsa Governorate9.337,331Gafsa Gafsa81,232
Jundubah Gouvernorat de Jendouba10.401,477Jendouba Jendouba51,408
Kef Gouvernorat de Kef11.243,156El Kef El Kef47,979
Madanin Gouvernorat de Médenine12.479,520Medenine Medenine61,705
Manouba Manouba13.379,518Manouba Manouba24,948
Nabul Gouvernorat de Nabeul14.787,920Nabeul Nabeul56,387
Qabis Gouvernorat de Gabès15.374,300Gabes Gabès110,075
Qibili Gouvernorat de Kébili16.156,961Kebili Kebili19,875
Safaqis Gouvernorat de Sfax17.955,421Sfax Sfax277,278
Sidi Bu Zayd Gouvernorat de Sidi Bouzid18.429,912Sidi Bouzid Sidi Bouzid42,098
Silyanah Gouvernorat de Siliana19.223,087Siliana Siliana26,960
Susah Gouvernorat de Sousse20.674,971Sousse Sousse164,123
Tataouine Tataouine21.149,453Tataouine Tataouine62,577
Tawzar Gouvernorat de Tozeur22.107,912Tozeur Tozeur34,943
Tunis Gouvernorat de Tunis23.1,056,247Tunis Tunis693,210
Zaghwan Gouvernorat de Zaghouan24.176,945Zaghouan Zaghouan16,911